Upon learning that I would be part of this iteration I was really very excited. I get to learn new “things”, new technologies, new people (albeit being a bit of an introvert).

There was a bit of uncertainty in the beginning – almost chaotic – but not really. If you get what I mean? Organised chaos.

Getting to know how this will work, getting to know your group – which is very difficult for me when there is no real connection or senses involved, for example, we don’t speak the same home language, eat the same things, some of us live 15 400 km apart, I don’t know how tall you are, where you stay, what you like to wear, etcetera – no real, real senses – I want all five human senses (and more) to be involved. Nonetheless – we are an amazing bunch of people – and I hope to get to meet all my Take V’ers in real life one day. We are doing an awesome job so far in any case – being in this virtual village.

Now for this whole REFLECTION on my own digital presence and identity – it turns out to be a shocker for me, being a GEN Xer – the only technology I had as a child, come to think of it was my Dad’s speakers he built himself, a turntable, a Ford’s engine, the telephone (landline) and later a TV.

It turns out I am a RESIDENT people, A RESIDENT! And hardly a visitor anymore! Is there one thing I do that does not involve some form of digital tool or app or the Web? It turns out NO very little – maybe the only thing where there is no digital “thing” involved perhaps is when it comes to my pets – the Web can not feed them, fill their water bowls, take them for walkies, cuddle them – well not yet in any case.  Even cooking, having wine or exercise involves some form of a digital tool/app or Web.

So – let’s embrace it and use our digital presence and identity it to its fullest potential – here is to learning MORE from #ONL241 and my Group in dealing with the use of digital tools for teaching and learning.



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White, D. & Pareigis, J.  2024. Digital literacies with David White and Jörg Pareigis Webinar:  28 February 13.00-14.00 CET.

First Cerebration #ONL241