Blended mind

Topic 5 At the moment it is still early for me to say what parts of online networked learning I will include in my teaching. The course has been very intense, and right now all the impressions are quite blended in my mind. At first, open learning sounded a bit suspicious to me. What isContinue reading “Blended mind”



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Looking forward to a season of learning, to be loss in the world of expectant exploration, of undefined areas of uncharted waters personally in the sea of blogs. Much like opening pandora box, unlike my defined life as a family physician.


The Power of Community– networked collaborative learning

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller. At a glance one can denote that the needs and expectations of current day learners have changed dramatically. Learning communities,are both physical and digital connections. In South Africa the cost of education is getting higher, alas learners are also learningContinue reading “The Power of Community– networked collaborative learning”


Future practice

Studio/bedroom. Photograph © 2021 Esa Ruskeepää.The fifth and final topic of the ONL 211 course was focused on future practice. What effect has the learning experience from this course had on my development and my own professional practice?I learned to…

Blended learning

Probably the best way to go! Welcoming technology without a goodbye to a must in physical engagement.

Carefully planned curriculum which utilises appropriate tools allow asynchronous sharing, teaching and learning. It allows modern learners to lea…