ONL222 – Summing It Up!

My key takeaways: Group Dynamics – Know how to satisfactorily reconcile different perspectives especially if a group member takes a strong stand. I observed three approaches. A)  As the stakes were low in the course, there was nothing to gain by disagreeing which might create unpleasantness and tension. Member A always conceded and went with […]

Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice

ONL222 Archipelago Through my participation in OLN 222, I was able to learn a lot. The interesting approach about this online course is that you don’t just learn how to do it, but you become very active yourself with the different topics and assignments. You really experience how open networked learning works (and where the […]

Take aways…

One insight after practically attending the ONL course is who important it is to spend time to try to get a shared understanding of the scenario or the topic to investigate. If the group does not have a shared understanding, it is easy to either try to cover too much – try to do or […]


Topic 4: Blended Learning

What is blended learning? We grappled with the definition and concluded that it could be ‘anything we want it to be’. To me, blended learning is like a smoothie – a mixture of several nutritious ingredients carefully titrated (balanced) to cater to customers’ preferences and optimize health benefits. The product is constrained by the ingredients […]

Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning

What Is Blended Learning and How Does It Work? | Prestwick House My current practice regarding online and blended learning designs The MOOC courses that have been created at the ZHAW so far, and which I helped to develop, are built as blended learning. You can imagine the courses like this: You can log on […]

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Leading collaborative and co-creating processes

”Collaboration – for what? I can do this better on my own…” I think WHAT to learn and the PURPOSE drives the HOW to learn. In the learning process there must be different ways of learning – the content need to be prepared or to seek on my own, sometimes I need to discuss with […]

Topic 3: Collaborative Learning

Like the previous two topics, I believe that collaborative learning (CL) has a gradation of values. There must be a clear purpose for CL. In the right situation, the benefits of CL are indisputable. For e.g. in research, it will be inefficient for each researcher to work individually, making the same mistakes, duplicating data and […]

Topic 2: Open Learning & Sharing

I wanted to unpack what ‘open learning and sharing’ means. Is openness always a virtue? The more open, the better? A member of my PBL group seems to think so. I wasn’t sure about this. At the personal level, I learn a lot of things without the need to share with anyone; in fact, people […]

Topic 1: Digital Literacy and ‘What’s in it for me?’

David White’s framework for mapping individual digital literacy – from visitor to resident, personal to professional is very useful. There are apps/tools that I am mandated to use at work (e.g. Canvas, Panopto, Examsoft, IMMS, Teams), some of them used infrequently like twice a year (for exams only) and I struggle with them each time. […]