The dilemma of finding an adequate level of differences

There are many layers of differences between humans. On a personal level, I prefer to socialise with people who share the same values, and who perceive the world in a similar way. Professionally, too many similarities may lead to stagnation rather than development. With only visionaries in a team, there is an obvious risk thatContinue reading “The dilemma of finding an adequate level of differences”

ONL202 PBL07

Learning in Communities This topic was one of the fruitful topic during the course. Together with another member, Amanda based in South Africa, we led the topic. Over that , we have discussed though using different platforms including Padlet, whiteboard, Teams, Watsapp and etc. Each inlcudes specific characteristics with various features. This topic helped meContinue reading “ONL202 PBL07”

#ONL202 BPL07

Open_Learning Openness somehow depends on personal characteristics. But, it can be improved time by time, particularly during this #COVID-19 outbreak. We need to trust and share with each other the available data, information and knowledge. During this topic, we brainstormed the ideas circling around the Fish scenario. I summarized some of thoughts as below: Amin’sContinue reading “#ONL202 BPL07”


#ONL202 PBL07

Online participation and Digital literacies The ice breaking session is always coming with fear and lack of trust. It was the first time, we met with the people with each from different country and with different background. Icebreaking has started by Patrik as the coordinator and then led by Karin and Lena. I like theContinue reading “#ONL202 PBL07”