Topic 5 – To teach online in the future

Ok, now the course is over and I have to think about online learning by myself. Me and my colleagues at the department are constructing a hybrid online course for this autumn 2023. Maybe this is when I put theory into practice. But no, the whole ONL course has been about putting theory and practice […]


Topic 4: constructing an online course together

This is my last reflection during this ONL course. The times has really flown away, can’t understand that it is already over and completed. But completed isn’t possible when it comes to this subject. Not only due to my job as an university lecturer, constantly producing learning activities and courses. But also due to the […]


Topic 3: collaborative learning on mural

During the two weeks of collaborative learning in our PBL-group we started to work collaboratively through digital tools online for the first time (if not to include google drive and zoom itself of course). The difference was that we decided to direct our attention to a specific question by using Wengers theories of collaborative learning […]

Topic 2: Digital teaching and learning – for whom and how?

In our PBL group we discussed open access and digital teaching/learning in the three perspectives of openness relate to: individual (teacher – student) organizational (universities) Societal (e.g. societal justice) But, of course, the three perspectives are intertwined and are not easily separated. For the individual teacher and/or student the organizational aspects are essential for getting […]

Topic 1

Reflection topic 1, Digital litteracy   In our PBL-group we discussed the concept of digital literacy and how the understanding of the meaning of the concept has changed over time. We all contributed by reflecting upon a case where a person chare her/his feelings of insecurity vis a vi peers in a online course (like […]