This is my last reflection during this ONL course. The times has really flown away, can’t understand that it is already over and completed. But completed isn’t possible when it comes to this subject. Not only due to my job as an university lecturer, constantly producing learning activities and courses. But also due to the very characteristic of online learning. For me this learning journey has compelled new thinking of what learning can be and with what focus. Going back to the didactic triangle and the Why, What and How questions, all these questions have been challenged. Why constructing learning online – this is not only about necessity (as during the pandemic) but also as online activities forces us to think otherwise and meet new possibilities and learning challenges. What – perhaps I need to consider what the content can and have to be if teaching online. For example I probably have to make sure all students can handle the tools offered. This is actually one aspect that I still find a bit challenging. If the tools stay in the way for learning, then we lose these groups of students.  How – during this course I have really understood that online learning isn’t just about zooming and letting students discuss in break out rooms. To create online courses, I have to think otherwise about practices and procedures in learning processes. I have also the opportunity to open up lessons for new groups of students.

Furthermore, I have realized that developing a course online needs time for reflection (besides time for learning to handle the online tool). I also have to think over how to put substance and relevance to my teaching and in the same considering others ideas of what the solutions and possibilities for learning might be. This as my own knowledge still is limited, but also as online learning really might expanding the collaborative aspects of the learning process.

My PBL groups last work became an online course built in Edapp ( This was really a collaborative work where everyone contributed with his or her knowledge and idea about cooking egg-dishes, founded in the individual cultural background. My contribution was Swedish nettle soup with boiled egg. Others presented Quiche Lorraine, Finnish egg butter, milky flan etc. If you want to look by yourself just go to Edapp and Click on “Register here.” at the bottom of the page where you will be able to register using the code: IOAHLQDF49Z along with your email address. Then you chose a password.

For me this project made me realize how you can construct a course simultaneously together with peers and learn from each other’s competencies and skills, besides having a great and creative time together!

Topic 4: constructing an online course together