Ok, now the course is over and I have to think about online learning by myself. Me and my colleagues at the department are constructing a hybrid online course for this autumn 2023. Maybe this is when I put theory into practice. But no, the whole ONL course has been about putting theory and practice together in our learning processes. This is why we have done so much and the reason for remaining in the course even if (I must admit) it sometimes has been much work taking part of webinars and meetings besides learning new digital tools, testing them, preparing activities with the tools, constructing learning occasions with my PBL-group, reflecting etc. But still, it has been so much fun. Not least meeting all inspiring and competent colleagues around the world!

So, now I am on my own here at the University. Thinking how to construct this hybrid online course for the students. Questions in my head: what is really the difference between online and IRL-learning  occasions?

Do I teach differently? Yes, I have to think about constructing activities making the students feel art of the community of practice online. In the seminar room I have another overview and can more easily notice if someone isn’t with us all or if someone do not follow my reasonings when I lecture. Additionally, the social part is both formal and informal IRL, without me having to think about making opportunities for the students to meet, talk or just socialize together. We have coffee breaks and they often meet in the building before and after the formal lessons. Above this, some organize evening activities where they have even more occasions for learning to know each other. Especially for international students this is an important part of their university time!

So, how to do this online? I think it is exactly this aspect that is the most difficult. The formal parts, seminars, lectures and tasks to hand in or present is sometimes even more easy to find ideas for online. Consequently, I’ll start there, finding new stimulating activities for the students by using Mural, Miro, EdPro and other ideas I have tested during this course. And as it is a hybrid course, I have the physical meeting for the social parts – me getting to know the students and them getting to know each other.

Topic 5 – To teach online in the future