Howdy, ONL231 enthusiasts! May I start with how much fun each part of this course was? From the lively meetings to the great discussions with the amazing team members, it was a fun and insightful roller coaster of conversations.

This post is more a reflection on ONL231 as a whole rather then a specific topic.

The Webinars

The ONL231 webinar was really great. Interactive sessions, engaging presentations, and knowledgeable instructors made the learning experience truly enjoyable. I had the opportunity to interact with experts in various fields and learn their expertise. Webinars have provided us with a platform to explore new concepts, question perspectives, and delve deeper into the world of online learning. 

But something big that I found personally noteworthy is that we all share commonality among the issues and challenges we face, which just goes to show while we are so far apart but very much the same.

Our PBL06 – #HeroSquad

One of the highlights of ONL231 was the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals. Each team member brought their own unique experiences and insights to create a dynamic and enriching learning environment. Our team discussions were never boring and I loved how we shared different perspectives while challenging and supporting each other. It’s amazing how much can be learned when a group of passionate people work together toward a common goal. 

I extend my sincerest thanks to all of my teammates along this journey and truly hope that, much like the title states, that this is not our end but merely the start of a constant friendship one in which our shared perspectives will constantly help us think critically and let that reflect through our approaches in education going forward.

Insightful and Fun Conversations:

ONL231 gave me the opportunity to participate in conversations that were not only intellectually stimulating but also fun and bright. We considered topics such as online pedagogy, new technologies, and the future of education. Discussions were not confined to the confines of the virtual classroom. We’ve explored these topics on social media platforms, late-night video calls, and even casual chats. It was refreshing to see each of them bring their own perspectives to make the learning experience richer and more enjoyable. 

I believe that is one of the largest determining factors of success in this course lies within the scenarios and the moderators for the topics as each on is a current and pressing issue each with a unique set of challenges that each learner is highly likely to have an opinion on but we are never to close to straying as the moderators also keep us trying to define our focusses before we begin our research and investigation. (Big Shoutout to Mirko & Oksana)

My Not Conclusion:

I don’t want this to be my conclusion but rather a constant reminder that while we have learned from each other in this course so far, there is still plenty we can still learn from one another….

What I will say is :

In short, ONL231 has been an amazing journey full of laughter, learning and endless possibilities. This course deeply shaped my understanding of online learning. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this course and to work with such wonderful people.

This was my ONL231 experience. It’s a blend of intense learning and fun camaraderie that will be remembered for years to come. Cheers to the webinars, my amazing team members, and the insightful conversations that made this course truly memorable! 

End of the Line? or A New Start