Topic 4 Design for online and blended learning

The concept of Blended Learning has made its entry into the education industry in recent years before the Covid-19 crisis. I don´t think it is anything new in terms of education, as most of what we’ve gone in the way of education has been more or less “blended”. No training is based solely on lectures, […]



The journey through Theme 3 was tremendously rich (knowledge-wise), strenuous (I was one of the moderators), and (emotionally) intense….

Topic 3 Learning in Communities

This blog has been inspired by Kay Oddones (2022) webinar on personal learning networks (PLN). I remember someone wise saying that learning only happens when you share it with someone. According to Davis White (20229 Visitors and Residents continuum Networked Learning is at the residents end of the continuum. This makes me reflect where I […]