We are now a few weeks into the course and I can summarize my experience so far with one word: inspiring.- Meeting colleagues from various universities who share a common interest in learning more about ONL opens up for new perspectives on various issu…


My First Blog Post

I am attending a pedagogical course in Open and Network Learning. This will be interesting. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

A new adventure starts

Today we had an information meeting about the ONL201-course – it was nice meeting seven colleagues from Linnaeus University who, like me, will take this course.Looking forward to meeting my PBL-group and other participants in the course!


Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning

So based on our discussion we looked at the possibility of aiming our topic towards: – Understanding students learning styles in order to better prepare and encourage collaboration on a blended learning platform –  What could go wrong when collaborating and how to deal with it. – How to determine the group dynamic and ensureContinue reading “Topic 4: Design for online and blended learning”


Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

Why should we collaborate online? We looked that the Advantages of Online Collaboration which are listed below: Convenience in Organizing Meetings Easier Management of Projects Faster Completion of Projects Significant Cost Savings We also looked at the Disadvantages of Online Collaboration Lack of Face-To-Face Interaction Visit this website for more information : Our secondContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning”

Blended Learning

In this topic we have been observing community of inquiry as the baseline principle towards design for online and blended learning. At the basis of the community of inquiry is the Venn diagram of Social, Cognitive, and Teaching Presence intersecting together in Educational Experience. Like many other models, in my opinion community of inquiry needs … Continue reading Blended Learning