Are ARGs PLNs?

Following the title of this blog in the discussion of edutainment (educational entertainment) versus education, we should look at an interesting phenomenon that has been around for quite a few years now. Alternate Reality Games (ARG) are akin to treasure hunts that can happen by leaving a series of connected clues in the physical or … Continue reading Are ARGs PLNs?

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Open Education

When reading up on the topic “Openness in Learning”, I found that there were so many resources available for both the student and the lecturer. John, Thavavel, Jayaraj, Muthukumar and Jeevanandam  (2016) so aptly defines the topic that open education is teaching and learning material that can be  used and shared by anyone without cost.Continue reading “Open Education”


Right, so how does this work again?

The time has come to write another blog entry as Topic 2 draws to a close. Many interesting discussions on Open Education were held during the past two weeks. “If there is no sharing, there is no learning” – David Wiley HIGHLIGHTS…. Openness and sharing in education: Accessibility, Sharing, Transparency and Interoperability The 4 R’s: […]

Topic 1

Residence verses visitor What does this concept mean to you? To me this was a new concept and it really opened my though process in terms of everything that was discussed and covered in developing the content for our presentation for the first topic. It was such a cleaver and interesting way to explain how […]

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Digital Literacy

When I searched for the definition for Digital Literacy, I was spoilt for choice with the information I got, but the one I found that describes this new technological lingo is in Education Week by Heitin (2016)who defines  digital literacy as “the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, […]