• In the past 2-3 years, we had our teaching from online teaching because of the COVID. Now we slowly return back to ‘normal teaching’ in classroom. However, the experiences that we gained from the online teaching about how to open our teaching to students online and how to share our teaching material with students and share their questions/reports are very important to us even in the classroom teaching. We can reuse some open-source material (files, images, videos) to support different approaches for learning. Some of my colleagues suggested that we can reduce the time of preparing lectures by reusing the films of lectures, then we can have more time for helping students to solve problems or have more discussion with students.
  • On the internet, there are a lot of open-source material for learning. However, as a student, it is very difficult to judge which material is the right one for the knowledge they need to learn. So, in this case, as a teacher, it is very important to help the students to filter out which open-source material are good and useful for this topic of knowledge.
  • In our institution, the teachers are encouraged to use different methods to teach students. So, the teachers can use any open-source material in their teaching. Also, we can share other teachers’ material in the teaching. We have different technology to support our teaching to be more open and sharing. For example, we have Padlet to get feedback from students, or Mentimeter. We also have different teams to support the teachers how to use different technology in their teaching.
  • I was trying to look at some open courses from internet. There are some free online courses. However, these free online courses lack the discussion between the students and the teachers. I think the discussion part is very important for learning and teaching. If you want to have the discussion part, then the online courses are normally not free.
  • Currently I only have online teaching from zoom, I do not run any online course. I think one issue is whether my department have this project or budge to start an online course or not. Also, running an online course, it is a little difficult to get information about the background of the students.
reflection of Topic 2: open learning- openness and sharing