Collaborative learning:

During my study time, I had some collaborative learning activities. During that time, I felt I can get some new reflection or new ideas when I discussed with other members in the group. Also during discussion, my brain is more active thinking. When I became a teacher in university, I felt that in some courses, the collaborative learning or group work is much better than the individual work. For example, in one of my course, I gave individual work for the students before, but I got similar questions from every student, and students relied on teachers’ help very much. Later, I changed the work into group work. The students discussed the problems within the group firstly, and try to solve the problems. I felt the collaborative learning or group work learning, can improve students’ learning enthusiasm, and give students more opportunities/ways to solve the problems during discussing within the group.

However, a good collaborative learning requires good/trust group members and actively attending the group discussion. When I had a course with other teachers, we want to improve the course’s quality, then a good collaborative work is very important for us. We should encourage each member in the group can express their opinions freely. Each time during the course discussion with other colleagues, I always can get some new or good ideas about how to improve the course.

My own Personal Learning Networks

I think my personal learning networks is very helpful for my research work. My research work is about CFD simulation in heat transfer. In order to communicate or discuss with other researchers in this area, then using my personal learning networks is very helpful to me. During my PhD study, I have built very good connection with other researchers. We often use email, Weichart, or LinkedIn to communicate with others or exchange some research ideas.

technologies to enable my own networks

I like to use some or certain technologies or IT tools in my own networks for learning. For example, I often use email to contact with students or colleagues about work. I often use Weichart or LinkedIn to contact with other friends or researchers to share some research ideas. In this ONL course, I learnt how to use google drive to share or work in the same topic work. In KAU, I have learnt how to use Padlet to get feedback from students. If there are some new technologies can support the teaching or learning better in future, I will find out during discussing with other colleagues or friends.

Topic 3: Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning