The past two weeks have been somewhat hectic. Far too many interesting things capture my curiosity and I struggle to keep find both time and focus for necessary things to be done.

Among the things both necessary and interesting was topic 1 of the Open Networked Learning course: Open Learning – sharing and openness. Who am I in relation to the concepts tossed around; visitor or resident, personal or professional – or rather where on the spectrum am I in different situations?

In Sweden, at least at the universities that I have worked at (or been a student), there is a rather individualistic and private/personal climate in regards to how much is shared of your teaching. My own stance has been one of non-thinking, adjusting to how my colleagues do without much reflection put into my actions. Being employed as a lecturer with no research in my time planning, I simply have not thought that much about these things. During the pandemic, however, my own pedagogical practice had to change and I joined several national networks on digital teaching and learning, and the sharing climate in these networks has been simply amazing.

Coming back to topic 1 – sharing and openness, I have thought quite a lot about my own current practices and in which direction I would like to take my teaching. Currently being more of an online visitor, perhaps it is time to move myself further towards a resident in the professional domain? Is this blog a start or will this remain a tool I use while I do the ONL course?

Time will tell, but right now I believe it is time for me to move towards private time and enjoy a calm weekend.

Blurry picture from my train ride home from work.

All the best to you!


Visitor in (cyber)space?