Topic 1: Contextualized Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is Contextualized: Residents in Facebook/twitter does not equal resident in Canvas/Zoom I am skeptical about the term “digital native.” The relationship between young generation and technology requires more nuanced understanding. In my opinion, it is risky if the educators take students’ digital literacy for granted and downplay the necessity of the support system thatContinue reading “Topic 1: Contextualized Digital Literacy”

Closing ONL 192

This has been an interesting course in many aspects. What will stay for a long time is the great collaboration and online friendship that developed during the weeks with my group, number 15. We shared the same attitudes and praised each other’s contributions.  I brought with me experiences of online collaboration, and therefore not allFortsätt läsa “Closing ONL 192”


Topic 3: Connectivism and online collaborative learning

A few years ago I participated in a conference in Stockholm. As I registered for the event, the instructions also said to follow the hashtag of the conference. I remember being sucked in to the discussions that went on in the “digital backstage” on Twitter as presentations where given. Much of the content was related … Continue reading Topic 3: Connectivism and online collaborative learning


Lessons learnt – future practice

What are the most important things that you have learnt through your engagement in the ONL course? Why? Working in a group can be goal-oriented, instructive, and helpful. Each individual brings in experiences from their private and professional fields, which together can lead to completely different approaches to solutions than if one tries to answer […]