It is known that teaching and learning has transformed. Students want to learn differently. Teachers are exploring new ideas to create and share knowledge, and what has made this glaringly clear, is being part of ONL191. I always believed learning should be fun, supportive, encouraging and also challenging, learning should be able to offer life changing experiences, because it has the power to do so. ONL191 ticked these off and provided more. I have been employed in academics for quite some time now, and during this I explored different approaches and tools that are used in higher education. Every teaching and learning approach and tool was different as it served different objectives. As an academic, I always try to look for innovative methods in which I can transfer knowledge, as I believe learning takes place through the process of collaboration and not just imparting information from teacher to learner, and also in spaces where I am a student. There is so much to learn and so many people that you can learn from, all because we live in a global village, and what makes this possible is technology.

This is great, though not many have access or digital knowledge to be able to extract the benefits from technology. Therefore in order to champion the use of technology, availability and skill development is necessary, with time this can be achieved. The opportunity to learn can be granted to all. All it takes is little steps in the right direction. I remember being a novice to technology and technological tools. It took some learning and by challenging my abilities, I have grown in this space. However, my learning hasn’t stopped, as I newly dived into blended / e-learning, and trying to create some form of equilibrium, with that of face-to-face and online learning for myself and my students. During ONL191 collaborate tools that were new to me was used. I found these tools effective and interesting and I would like to add some to my classroom experiences, this can help diversify learning.
There are at times challenges to learning, maybe a few hurdles, but there must always be effort made. Building one’s knowledge is not difficult, it just needs some thought, preparation and taking the plunge, as much can be gained rather than lost. And this is what I hope I can share with others.

Thought to take home

“Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” Malcolm X

Lessons learnt and future practices