This topic was all about why I joined this course! To get help and get hints from my peers how to build an online or blended course. We discussed in the tweetchat about how to turn a traditional course into an online course and the most important thing, in my opinion, is not to convert the content into online material just like that. It is about letting go from your old course and building something new. To be brave.

One of the most important things in having your course as an online course, is to be present. Now talking about teaching presence as in the Community of Inquiry Framework. The teacher should set the climate and goals, be the one pushing into the right direction if students get lost and also support whenever the group needs support. Found an innovative modified image about the Community of Inquiry Framework (Figure 1) and chose to use that one instead of the original. (Garrison, Anderson & Archer 2000; Vaughan, Cleveland-Innes & Garrison 2013)


Figure 1: Community of Inquiry framework (modified) (Forsythe 2018)

I think the hardest thing for me as a teacher is the teaching presence vs teacher presence. Being there but still not interfering if not asked to do so. To be a facilitator, to help to bring about the outcome by providing assistance, guidance and supervision, not to be a part of the learning community or group.

Conole and Brown (2018) discusses the impact of open education in an article. They present a numerous different models and frameworks in their article so it’s worth reading! Conole also presents the 7C’s of Learning Design Framework in the same article (Figure 2) (Conole 2014).

7Cs of Learning Design Framework

Figure 2: The 7Cs of Learning Design (Conole & Brown 2018; Conole 2014)

The framework is a result of a study where teachers had to describe how they designed their courses, where they got inspiration and guidance and how they shared their design. This framework was the one I connected with the most. The framework seemed structured and suited my way of thinking the best.

I could go on and on with different brilliant models and frameworks, but I think I will stop here for now and get back in my next blog. Have a great end of November.




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