4 ovals connected by 4 diamonds in a circle. Center says

When reading up on the topic “Openness in Learning”, I found that there were so many resources available for both the student and the lecturer. John, Thavavel, Jayaraj, Muthukumar and Jeevanandam  (2016) so aptly defines the topic that open education is teaching and learning material that can be  used and shared by anyone without cost.

Some of the advantages of Open education is :

students save money on textbooks because having materials openly available and textbooks openly available allows teachers and students or learners at those institutions to have access to materials that they normally would not be able to afford.

Save students money

Don’t have to pay for resources.

Students become critical thinkers

4 ovals connected by 4 diamonds in a circle. Center says 'Open Pedagogy'. Circle1: Access & Equity; Diamond 1: Participation; Circle 2: Community & Connection; Diamond 2: Curiosity; Circle 3: Opportunity & Risk; Diamond 3: Responsibility; Circle 4: Agency & Ownership; Diamond 4: Empathy.

In conclusion with Open Education work can be shared beyond the classroom and with Creative Commons Licence it can be decided on how this work should be shared.


John, B., Thavavel, V., Jayaraj, J., Muthukumar, A. & Jeevanandam , P.K. 2016. Design of open content social learning that increases learning efficiency and engagement based on open pedagogy. The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 15(1): 2-14. (Online). Available at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/290496822_Design_of_open_content_social_learning_that_increases_learning_efficiency_and_engagement_based_on_open_pedagogy [Accessed 20 October 2019].

Open Education