The ONL journey came to the end, but my journey of improving my teaching with blended learning has just started. This course definitely fostered my teaching expertise and skills very much. The course ended with Topic 5 titled: Lessons learnt – future practice, which is another thing I valued on the design of this course. The purpose of topic 5 is clear, to provide us an opportunity to summarize and critically reflect on our learning and development throughout this course. Of course the reflections should be based on our previous reflective posts on each topic and our experience as individual and PBL group throughout the whole course. Here I reflect on a few things suggested from the ONL course guidelines.

What are the most important things that you have learnt through your engagement in the ONL course?

I have learnt so many things throughout the ONL course. Here I only mention a few. I have learnt so many new pedogogical theories and concepts on Open Networked Learning, many different open education rescourses, and many digital tools (Padlet, Miro, Canva, Discord etc.) on facilitating online teaching in addition to Zoom . I have benefited a lot from the webinars and deeply group discussions on so many different kinds of teaching and learning methods, on campus teaching, online teaching, emergecy remote teaching, hybrid teaching, blended learning, flipped class room, synchronous learning and asynchronous learning. I have also experienced and learnt what we as teachers can potentially do to enhance the collaborative learning among the students.

How will your learning influence your practice?

Having the new knowledge and skills from ONL in my mind, I plan to revisit the course design of my course offered in the autumn semester, and I will adopt the blended learning/teaching method for my course.

What are your thoughts about using technology to enhance learning/teaching in your own context?

I can’t agee more on that technology can be used to enhance our learning and teaching. However, the adoption of new technology to facilitating teaching/learning should always be well pedogogically motivated. We should introdude the appropriate tools which fits the course and the diginal literacy of your students.

What are you going to do as a result of your involvement in ONL?

I plan to publish the recorded video tutorials for the computer labs for my course in the very beginning of the course, and maximize the benefits of the on campus lab sessions to address the common and individual problems from the students. Then the students can passively learn asnychonuously at home but they can actively learn synchonuous on campus. In other words, I would try the flipped classroom method for my labs sessions.

During the whole course, we applied the princple “learning by doing” quite a lot in terms of learning the new digital tools, and we also experienced the transition from cooperation to collaboration as a PBL group. There are so many valuable things to take with me for apply in my future practice of teaching and learning. Last and not the least, I would like to say thank you all who I came across and got to know in this wonderful ONL journey.

Reflection on Topic 5: Lessons learnt – future practice