Dear ONLers,

We hope you have had a nice Easter weekend! If you are in Europe you are most likely aware that we have changed to summer time (from CET to CEST) on Sunday, March 28th. It is important that you all notice this since it will affect the time difference when planning our meetings. Heres the link to the time zone converter.

For this week, there are no planned activities in the course or for the groups. At this point things may have piled up on your to-do list and we want you to have the opportunity to generally catch up – and to reflect on your learning journey so far.

At this point, we have all been living with the Covid-19 situation for more than a year. Making learning and social interaction possible in digital environments is always a challenge, but I think we can all look back to a year when some real development has taken place in that people were forced to look at new ways of doing things. Some of the tools we use have also improved greatly. We hope that your involvement in this course helps your exploration and makes you feel at ease!

Have a great week!

Kind regards the ONL team

Reflective week begins today!

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