I wasn’t sure at the beginning what was expected for the course and I was afraid at the beginning to be part of a MOOC, I thought will I lose my voice in a discussion , how will I connect and work with individuals from different countries but I kept an open mind and told myself that I want to have a deeper understanding of online engagement and take part in a different learning experience.

I learned so much on the course, the one thing that stood out for me was how well the group engaged and supported each other during the course. I also amazed with using tools for collaboration and realised that it was possible for us to develop content using a digital tool although we were not in a face to face setting, the meeting gave us opportunities to discuss the problem and the content and the group was able to solve a problem and present it with a tool. I really learned that the engagement and discussion through the meetings helped bring in the different knowledge backgrounds and bring diversity to the group which made it easy to learn from one another and collaborate. Although there were point of technical difficulty and sometimes not being able to make a meeting the group adapted to accommodate each other.

The knowledge I have gained through the course gave me the skills that I need to better understand my role as an Educational Technologist. Especially when I was given the opportunity to take the on the first topic (which I volunteered for, not sure what I was thinking), it gave me an opportunity to bring the group together engage with the different understanding of the problem and how we were going to solve it for me the most valuable lesson that I can take away is how well we connected with each other all through an online platform which made me believe that blended learning opportunities are possible for lecturers and students.

As I end of my reflection, I think about my group member , the different personalities that came out, the thoughts as we discussed a topic, how we were able to respect diversity among the group and learn from one another to have a rich learning experience because education should be about sharing knowledge and supporting one another in a community we reside in even if its online in order to increase the scholarship of knowledge to better our communities that surround us. In conclusion it has been a bit of a roller coaster but the experience has been fabulous!

The end of the journey a beginning of another?