Online and blended learning have become the new normal but yet they suggest a highly disruptive model that cannot be adopted overnight. Implementing open and online/blended learning requires that we change not only the delivery methods and technologies, but also the culture and teaching practices. To adopt it can be overwhelming, so let’s take one step at a time.

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I’d like to share my own learning journey, which could become a potential roadmap that could be useful for others too:

Become aware
Learn about online and open learning. Why not taking ONL202? Experiencing online learning as a student is a good option to do that; understand the possibilities by becoming the student and immersing in the online learning experience.

Understand the benefits
What are the reasons to transform our courses? What courses are suitable? What courses are not? What are the student benefits?

Align with your institution
What are the current strategy and future plans towards online and open development? What technologies are available? What are the existing practices we could learn from? Who are the pioneers we can create alliances with and learn from?

My first blended/online learning case
Design for blended learning course. I believe than when trying something new for the first time it is important to encourage a iterative mindset and exploration attitude that gives us permission to fail and learn from.

Open learning
Before going open I somehow feel that is necessary to have some experience first in the online learning environment. Open learning poses additional complexities, such as the scale where tacit knowledge is necessary.

What do you think about this sequence? Would you change the order? What are your steps towards a future open and online/blended learning?

Topic 5: Lessons learned