It seems like we started the course not so long ago, yet now we are at the end of the chapter of our Open Networked Learning. More accurately, it is the beginning of a new chapter as we take forward what we have experienced during this course and apply them in our own practice and to help our colleagues and students in the area of online and collaborative learning.

Our team’s meme aptly summarized our thoughts on this topic: “Don’t Ask What Online Learning Did For you, Ask What You Did For Online Learning“. Our team accomplished a collaborative MEME where each of us were part of the message and it was coordinated via Zoom.

Taking this course amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic highlights the importance to be able to use online learning and teaching tools and to engage student learning using online platforms. Though the face-to-face and social interaction will still be important, being ready for online learning and assessments helps us to be resilient when facing times or uncertainties or adversity.

Future Practice:

With the topics discussed, I have found greater understanding and confidence in my course design for both online and blended learning. The pedagogical readings help us to reinforce our ideas of successful planning and execution of online learning, and as an assurance of what we have already been doing correctly in our own practice.

Most importantly, the experience helps me to be stepping in the role of a student and be able to understand better the difficulties that they may face. This can help me to develop the course design to better engage the needs of difference students in the near future.

The journey is just beginning and I am really glad to have started it with the valuable ONL201 course.


Stay Safe!

Cheers, Cindy

Topic 5: Lessons Learnt – Future Practice