Reflections on learning in communities

I have a dream of setting up an open learning community or network for students learning ultrasound in my institution. Here are some of the reasons why i think this could be useful: The topic in question currently does not have dedicated time allocated to it in the course structure and it is difficult to […]

Topic 2 – OPEN

Reflections on Topic 2 “Openness its key attribute is about ­freedom – ­for individuals to access content, to reuse it in ways they see fit, to develop new methods of working and to take advantage of the opportunities the digital, networked world offers” (Weller, 2014) openness for greater inclusion and social diversity in education finding […]

Topic 1 Reflections

This is a space for my reflections on topic 1. Today i looked at some videos on the ONL site. I watched a few by David White. I liked how he used the Visitor and Resident concept to look at online presence and engagement. Below is an image of my online presence using the V […]

Here’s a problem

PBL – some videos briefly describing PBL, they were useful so i posted links to them here.
– Problem-Based Learning – an overview (4,54 min)
– Contextual Learning (3,11 min)
– Constructive Learning (3,29 min)
– Collaborative Learning (3,18…

Tools Reflections

I have tried some of the suggested tools. Screen -o- matic was useful, especially for video editing. Prezi looks interesting as well. I started using Padlet to try to create a open networked learning space for residents sitting for their anaesthesia professional exams. The link to the Padlet can be found here. I have tried […]

Reflection on the first week of ONL222

Hi, this is my reflection space for the ONL222 course. I am looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people. This is my second online course this year. I like the interactive nature of this course. I feel like I am part of a group, close to other members and the facillitators. I […]