Exploring the synergies of active learning in a community of inquiry

Topic 4 has been a challenging mountain to climb. In writing this blog, I was to consider the perspective of the educator in designing for learning. The perspectives of learners and teachers are different. And being on the other side as a learner during the ONL211 journey has shed light on what it is likeContinue reading “Exploring the synergies of active learning in a community of inquiry”


Redrawing the lines

I put my hand up when the question was asked which topic I would be happy to co-lead. Openness and sharing- an ethos I resonate with. I especially liked this definition “Openness can be conceived of as an attitude or worldview which includes making oneself vulnerable, narrating one’s own practice and sharing one’s incomplete scholarshipContinue reading “Redrawing the lines”


My Liminal Space

The whirlwind of repeated introductions gave way to earnest conversations over zoom. The fervour of speed dating continued as we met every few days over Zoom with dedicated facilitators who patiently held space for us as we skimmed the surface then dived into the waters of the virtual world of learning and teaching. Concepts ofContinue reading “My Liminal Space”

Hi everyone !

I’m Anita, joining the ONL211 adventure from Singapore. Happy to have stepped out of my comfort zone to increase my digital literacy, learn new skills as well as make friends in the virtual space. I am a rheumatologist practising in National University Hospital where I see patients and teach and work in hospital administration inContinue reading “Hi everyone !”