Topic 3: Learning in communities

My personal experience in online collaboration extends to using learning management systems, chat platforms and document sharing platforms (and email). These experiences have always been complemented by having face-to-face meetings from time to time. I used two major platforms to communicate for collaboration with my teaching assistants: WhatsApp and Slack. I find each of themContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning in communities”

Topic 1: Online Public Activities

After discussing this topic with my group, I have a few reflections related to three major topics. Firstly, the technical difficulties of using tools in teaching do not seem to be a huge issue once you go through a short initial training period (this is my bias computer scientist’s opinion). The more challenging part would […]

Hello world!

print “Hello world!” Hi all! This is how we start in Computer Science when we learn a new programming language. Since this is my first time participating in an online course and my first time writing a blog, it would only be fair to start the same. As you might guess, I am a computer […]