The class was an interesting journey. I was very lucky to have a great group and amazing facilitators. We had meetings and interesting discussions, and I really liked how people were able to collaborate almost immediately. The FISh document helped a lot, and I think I will use this approach in some of my courses.

I learned a lot from the facilitators about how to conduct a class fully online. Since this is my first time taking part in a fully online class that is based on collaboration, I did not know what to expect. However, everything was well planned and at a good pace. I find that the most important components were the planning and guidance from the facilitators.

I would have liked for the class to focus more on how to deliver content-intensive classes online. This is because I find that students tend to ignore some materials if they are not explicitly discussed in class. And in a online class, where synchronous interactions are limited, it might very easy to ignore some parts of the materials just because they were not discussed in some way in “class”.

I will end with my own topic 5 meme:

Topic 5: Reflections