Right, so how does this work again?

The time has come to write another blog entry as Topic 2 draws to a close. Many interesting discussions on Open Education were held during the past two weeks. “If there is no sharing, there is no learning” – David Wiley HIGHLIGHTS…. Openness and sharing in education: Accessibility, Sharing, Transparency and Interoperability The 4 R’s: […]


Exploring Digital Literacy

Topic 1 focused on digital literacy. I am still trying to figure out how this blog is supposed to work, and connectivity can be problematic at times. But I hope that I am moving in the right direction. Navigating digital platforms is something that takes time to master properly. Working full time does not allow […]

Connecting week

Meeting with PBL group 7 has been good so far. I do not have much experience with blogs and am hoping to learn a lot more as the weeks progress. This blog will serve as a reflection for the Open Networked Learning course and I plan on providing regular updates as I learn new things. […]