Lessons learnt – future practice

What are the most important things that you have learnt through your engagement in the ONL course? Why? Working in a group can be goal-oriented, instructive, and helpful. Each individual brings in experiences from their private and professional fields, which together can lead to completely different approaches to solutions than if one tries to answer […]


Design for online and blended learning

For me, Topic 4 was a kind of summary of what we had worked out together over the past few weeks. Gradually, I was able to classify every single edited topic and the related feelings.  The discussion with the Community of Inquiry (CoI) model was the most plausible. Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (2000) constructed a […]


Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

„As technology increasingly takes over knowledge-based work, the cognitive skills that are central to today’s education systems will remain important; but behavioral and non-cognitive skills necessary for collaboration, innovation, and problem solving will become essential as well.“Klaus Schwab We had two weeks to explore factors that influence students’ community experiences in an online learning environment. […]

10 Dimensions of Open Education by European Union 2016

Open Learning – sharing and openness

“The underlying forces driving the development of open education are the basic human needs to learn and grew throughout every stage of life.” P. Blessinger and J. P. Anchan (2015) Open Education has accompanied me in my professional environment for several years. We deal mainly with conceptional and practical aspects of creating, sharing, and reusing […]


I am NOT a Blogger!

We start work on the first topic. For me this means that I have to explain my personal thoughts to a broad public that I do not even know. I am not a diarist and do not like to express myself in prose. The other hurdle that I have to take with this mission is […]


About me

My name is Esther and I work as librarian at ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, in Winterthur, Switzerland. I have a pedagogical background and a graduation in Information and Documentation Science. I am interested in current trends in teaching and learning in online, blended and analog environments. Since 15 years I have been serving […]


Thoughts on Scenario 1

Group 15 met today for the first time to discuss scenario 1. Interestingly enough, we have more or less taken a hard look at the topic of blogging. Apparently, many of us have trouble publishing our personal thoughts in a „professional“ environment. This led us to the webinar content with Dave White. To what extent […]