Chestnut forest, Arosio TI (Switzerland)

Group 15
met today for the first time to discuss scenario 1.

enough, we have more or less taken a hard look at the topic of blogging.
Apparently, many of us have trouble publishing our personal thoughts in a
„professional“ environment.

This led us
to the webinar content with Dave White. To what extent can private and
professional contents/activities in our digital life be separated?

question that has preoccupied us is what digital tools students need for their
future careers. Do they even need to know the digital tools and be able to work
with them?

We also
talked about „Experiences with digital tools“. How does a teacher
know when someone feels overwhelmed? How does the inexperience or overstrain
with a particular digital tool become noticeable? How and by whom are students
taught how to use certain digital tools?

In my
opinion, integrating digital tools into the classroom should not take as much
time as working on professional content.

Digital tools should facilitate and enrich
working together during studies. New tools will be available by the time
students start their careers. For me, this means that the aim is not to use
certain tools, but to show variants of how one could work together. During
their studies, students should have the opportunity to experiment in a
protected room.

Thoughts on Scenario 1