Open Networked Learning (ONL) describes itself as, “An open online course about open online teaching and learning.”

This past week I began my participation in Open Networked Learning – ONL 192. I came across this global, online teaching and learning opportunity I believe through peers in the Creative Commons Certification course I completed earlier in the year. Beyond the fact that the course topics were an interest of mine, the global nature of the course was hugely appealing. I have signed up as an ‘open learner’ and am also participating in a problem-based learning cohort.

I began last week thinking that this course was going to be similar to previous online development classes I have taken. I’ve just started and it is obvious that I was way off track on that assumption. I thought that maybe a lot of the course was going to be a reiteration of previous topics I’ve covered, but I’ve already begun learning new things. For example, we’ve already had a webinar that I’ve struggled to connect to. I thought that I at least had the tech component down. It made me realize that as a student, how hard some of the basics of online learning can be, and to not to assume about other students internet connections and technology tools.

I went out on a limb when I signed up for the problem based learning cohort. I thought it would give me the best opportunity to learn. The course is going to require a lot more participation than I initially anticipated. I’m excited at that actually. I’ve taken many an online course that is a mere reading course with a standard quiz or essay. Learning should be a bit uncomfortable, and I am definitely feeling that now.

From this course, I hope that I get a better understanding of being an online student, learn new teaching strategies, and become more well versed in learning tools. Wish me luck!

ONL 192 Beginnings