Reflection 5: My Overall Insight

Hello everyone! I am writing this post to discuss my insights within the whole duration of the training. The use of digital tools in education has increased significantly in recent years, and this has had a profound impact on both students and teachers. One of the most striking aspects of this shift is the way […]

Reflection 4: Digital Tools

Hello Everyone! For this topic, we explored and discussed the digital tools that we are using in our classes. The focus of our group is to identify the digital tools that we can use in our classes and how to integrate them into our synchronous and asynchronous activities. In our discussion, each one of us […]

Reflection 3: Collaboration

Hello everyone! Topic 3 is about collaboration and we were tasked to lead the group in developing our output. First, I and my partner already identified the things that we need to focus on to develop our output, and then we told our group mates to streamline the focus by choosing from the options we […]

Reflection 2

Hello! This is my second reflection and it focuses on topic 2. Topic 2 is open openness, which discusses how being open academically and professionally is important and beneficial. In our group, we discuss our feeling about being open personally and professionally. Since I have already talked to my groupmates several times before this topic, […]

Week 1 Reflection

Hi Everyone! I joined ONL as an Open Learner from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Manila, Philipines. I am teaching mathematics and currently the head of the curriculum unit of the Center for Faculty Advancement. I heard this from Ms. Ong after she delivered her webinar at our institution. When she invited us to […]