Hello everyone!

Topic 3 is about collaboration and we were tasked to lead the group in developing our output. First, I and my partner already identified the things that we need to focus on to develop our output, and then we told our group mates to streamline the focus by choosing from the options we prepared. As a group, we decided to create simple research about collaboration by asking students about their views on collaboration. We developed the survey form to be given to the students and distributed it through Google Forms. From the students’ responses, we found that most of the students love to work collaboratively but there are some of them who still preferred to work alone. Discovering different perspectives and learning from each member of the team is the major reason why students want to work collaboratively while the common challenges in collaborative work that they encountered are the members who are freeloaders and the distribution of workloads among the members of the group. When asked about how they distribute the workloads, most of the time, students usually divide the tasks equally among the members but sometimes they let the members choose their tasks. We also asked the students if they are using artificial intelligence in collaborative work, only 25% said that they never use it. Students also said that trust and mutual respect among members and learning the whole process are important in collaborative work. After we saw these responses, we as a group discussed how we should develop our courses to increase collaboration among members.

I learned a lot from this topic and I also enjoyed how we process it and how we develop our output. Our group did a great job analyzing the questions and the results. I can also say that the diversity of our group is beneficial to us because it gave us different perspectives and inputs in our final output.

Reflection 3: Collaboration