Lessons learnt – future practice (Topic 5)

This has been a great journey. So many interesting people and so many useful things that we have looked into. The topics have been well chosen and prepared with good speakers and interesting reading materials. At first, I thought that twelve weeks would be a far too long period for the course, but it was […]


Design for online and blended learning – Topic 4

This has been a difficult topic for me. Mainly because I’m not a teacher and I don’t plan courses. I’m extremely happy that I have such skilled team members that know what they are talking about. My reflections of this topic will be more from a learner’s perspective. At my age (50+) when I attend […]


How to make online group work functional and engaging

Topic 3 I have joined quite many group works online, of which a fair amount has been rather bad. One reason for this I think is the fact that teachers have received none or very little education in how to execute group work online. Due to the pandemic teachers all over the world have been […]