For me there is a long way to go to become digitally literate. It’s probably not even possible when listening to David White’s Youtube clip “Visitors and Residents” where he is citing Mark Prensky’s theory saying “If you are young enough to have grown up with digital technology – you are native to it”. I realise that I am definitely an immigrant to the online world. Before Topic 1 in this Open Network Learning course, I thought I was quite on top of things regarding the digital world. I mean I do lots of things online – I read a lot, pay my bills, order trips, tickets and clothes, look at streaming services and listen to music and play games online, but that is about it, so nine times out of ten, I’m definitely a Visitor, rather than a Resident, according to David White’s definition of digital literacy.

Sharing things on social media is one part of digital literacy, and there I fail totally. I don’t want to share things about me or my life to people who are not my close friends. With my friends I talk on the phone or over a glass of wine. I have a Facebook account (yes, I know it’s an old people’s app), I’ve had it since 2008 and made about ten postings. In my opinion social media often gives a distorted picture of a people’s lives – I mean, how many people tell us about failing an exam, losing their job or gaining unwanted kilos on social media. Mostly people only share things that make them look beautiful, successful and happy.

WhatsApp and Messenger I use frequently (hardly ever SMS which should count for something), but that is also Visitor behavior. I have an Instagram account, but I keep forgetting to open it. Twitter is new to me hence this course and could be something to look more into. I’m interested in LinkedIn and will probably make an account for myself at some point.

At work we use all kinds of applications and services, but also there I have to say I’m a Visitor so far. If I was a teacher, I’m sure there would be more Resident features involved – sharing materials online, virtual work spaces, videos of lectures etc. But who knows, maybe I’ll become a frequent blogger now and move a step closer towards residency.

David White: Visitors and residents (part 1)

To become digitally literate is more difficult for people who didn’t grow up with digital gadgets