Topic 5: Lessons learnt

After participating the ONL 191 curse I can recognize that the guiding method for the facilitators was based on the Five stages model. I could see the practical impact of the learning method for the students which was the Fish model. In between that, we have been applying the concept of emotions in the communities […]


Design for online and blended learning

At this topic I will try to compare Gills Salmon’s Five Stage Model of E-learning to my experience of ONL191. First a short presentation of the Five Stage Model of E-earning. The Five Stage Model of E-learning in few words  Access and motivation. Online facilitator needs to ensure all students can access and are supported in […]

PBL Work, Topic 3, Group 3

Online collaboration includes and requires social and cognitive presence from the participants in association with the functions of teaching presence; design, facilitation and direction. According to literature, different aspects affect the learning process, especially regarding online learning and collaboration. We have chosen to focus on motivation, relationships on learning communities, curiosity, and sense of community.  Check out our work […]

Topic 3: Learning in Communities

Networked collaborative learning In this topic I will try to answer the question on the case scenario: How to get people to really recognize the value of becoming part of a learning community? I think the question is complicated and may not be just one answer to it but different answers from different perspectives. But […]