Full Circle

There is so much I have learnt from this course.  Meeting and collaborating with like minded individuals from across the globe has been amazing.  From our very first Zoom meeting – when we were all a little tense to this very moment – we have had such amazing fun whilst learning.    PBL 7 –Continue reading “Full Circle”


How amazing it is that I could find a single word to describe an entire process.  Synergistic perfectly describes the process of collaboration that occurs in an online learning community.   The coming together of many different people to produce many different thoughts and ideas.  Online learning communities are small groups of students who share commonContinue reading “SYNERGISTIC!”



The word exposed means to be open and vulnerable – not sheltered or protected from the elements that exist.  So how does that fit into learning? Often times we find ourselves feeling rather vulnerable in an online space.  I guess it is because the possibilities online are infinite.  There really is no end to theContinue reading “EXPOSED”