In the vast ocean of online learning networks it can be difficult to navigate and surf the waves.  As a team, we came up with a concept called “ENLIGHTHOUSE” –  A collaborative fine art project portraying the major functions and structures of a blended learning model. 

We depicted everything from framework and design, to teaching methods and scaffolding, to creating a safe learning environment to making learning fun. 

My individual thoughts on this subject was that we would have to create an environment where students could do four simple things:

  1. READING: It is an essential part of learning to gather more information.
  2. VIEWING: Creating thought provoking images both still and moving to allow the student to be captivated into broadening their own thoughts all whilst still being completely engaged.
  3. LISTENING: Creating an environment where students actively listen and absorb the information presented to them whilst stirring up their thought process so that they may develop analytical skills.
  4. REFLECTING: This is an important step as it closes the loop and inculcates greater perspective for further growth.

All in all the learning environment is shaped and developed by those willing to change the way we think.