Design for online and blended learning

How emotional presence influence our teaching? According to Martha Cleveland-Innes emotion could be considered the 4th presence in education and learning, in addition to the teaching presence, cognitive presence and social presence. For me, definitely emotion is driving most of our decisions, in life in general and at work as well. We are, however, trainedPoursuivre la lecture de “Design for online and blended learning”

Openness in Education

I watched the movie on openness and sharing in education. I found this presentation extremely interesting and I recognised myself and others in these questions ! What means a closed/open door ? Who is left outside ? Who should be able to access the higher education learning space ? If I think about the question […]


Digital Literacy: visitor vs resident

Hi everybody! White & Le Cornu presentations make me enter a new world. What is to be a visitor or a resident? I decided to google a bit more about “digital literacy” and I found this very interesting article. You can read more following the link below , but here is what I extracted from […]


My feeling after 3 weeks in the ONL community!!!

Entering the digital world that way is new for me and is still a real challenge. I mainly teach medical school students and PhD students in the lab and I was confused at the beginning: « how to use these tools in my teaching space? » « are they relevant in my work? » « Would that bring something interesting […]