Entering the digital world that way is new for me and is still a real challenge. I mainly teach medical school students and PhD students in the lab and I was confused at the beginning: « how to use these tools in my teaching space? » « are they relevant in my work? » « Would that bring something interesting in my teaching? ». I must say that I was sceptical as first, but now I start to see the light and to discover the digital world for teaching purposes. I still need some time and experience but I am on the way…

I feel a bit worry to lead a topic, but I know that Lotta and Clive are of great help and will support me if needed, so I am confident! I may not be the best « Zoom meeting leader » but I am sure we will make it! Be indulgent ?

Conclusion: I am still a novice but I am willing to improve and above all, I feel quite excited by using these tools in the close future in my research as well. I have been fighting for so many years against all these travelings for « collaboration purposes » in research so I would like to present these tools to my colleagues with the aim to reduce significantly the « business trips » in my work community and to improve collaborations. What a challenge!!!

My feeling after 3 weeks in the ONL community!!!