Why not to go online: part 2 – the lack of support

There is certainly pressure of going online, either fully or at least blended. There are expectations from students, department, school, university and also pressure from outside of the academia. However, when going online you probably might need some support. And you might notice that you don’t get or find the all the support you need … Continue reading “Why not to go online: part 2 – the lack of support”


Why not to go online: part 1 – giving birth is usually very heavy

‘And then you just record your lectures and Voilà – you are online‘. No – absolutely not. Creating a proper online course or even a blended online course requires usually a completely new game plan. In many cases, the best practice is to start from the scratch when transforming a traditional course into online course. … Continue reading “Why not to go online: part 1 – giving birth is usually very heavy”

On digital literacy

Yes, literacy means traditionally capability of reading, but what about digital literacy? Is it just reading a digital text, like mobile version of newspaper? No, not really, since the reading is essentially the same regardless how the “ink” is printed – on paper or on a display. In the context of digital literacy the term … Continue reading “On digital literacy”

Who am I

I am a stats & math teacher in one of the major universities in my country. I’m a committed teacher with a solid pedagogical background and a strong development focus especially on using different online and blended solutions. I believe that the best result of teaching and learning can be achieved by combining live and … Continue reading “Who am I”