Thoughts converging

I have over the last 20 years tried to improve my skills in handling negative emotions in group work. Frustration and irritations are common and probably unavoidable. Conflicts occur, mainly as a result of not handling frustration and irritation. Åsa Nilsonne held a keynote lecture at the higher education pedagogic conference NU2018 about emotions inContinue reading “Thoughts converging”

Collaborative learning online or offline?

I have been struggling to finding the difference between online collaborative learning and on campus collaborative learning. Is there a difference? What is the difference? Brindley et al. (2009) examined the influence of grading on the participation in group work in an online course, without finding any effect. Instead they concluded that there are severalContinue reading “Collaborative learning online or offline?”

I have a dream

I am clearly in favour of a completely open education. Open access to literature, open educational resources, no tuition fees, open educational practice, open pedagogics and completely inclusive to all learners irrespective of their functional diversity or socio-economic status. Yes, I know that this is impossible, but that is my dream. I am not thatContinue reading “I have a dream”