My ONL journey

Where to start with this blog? It’s been quite a journey with my ONL group. The biggest take away is probably that students or participants shouldn’t be afraid to participate. It seems a little daunting in the beginning, being put into groups with people across the globe with different experiences, levels of education and notContinue reading “My ONL journey”

Blended Learning

Let me start by saying that I’ve had no experience in a blended learning environment. Throughout my education, I’ve always had traditional education in a lecture hall style setup. The contact time would be in the physical classroom and face to face interactions with the lecturer either before, during and/or after a lecture has takenContinue reading “Blended Learning”

Experiences with Collaborative Learning

After reading the articles related to Open Networked Learning. I’ve found that the opinion of others reflects my own experience. In my experience, the completion of collaborative tasks meant either very little reflection for my efforts in group-based work or carrying a big portion of group work while others would benefit from my individual effort.Continue reading “Experiences with Collaborative Learning”

Thoughts around digital literacy.

What is digital literacy? In my opinion, digital literacy is the ability to navigate and use the digital tools and search engines at our disposal. An example would be to search for information in google. I could search for weather for the next week, using this information to make sure I’m dressed accordingly. The ability […]


ONL 192 connecting week

What an interesting week this has been. I’ve joined the open network learning (ONL) course this week and have been assigned to a problem based learning (PBL) group consisting of 8 members from different parts of the world. I attended one webinar and two of the three group meetings and got to meet most of […]