What an interesting week this has been. I’ve joined the open network learning (ONL) course this week and have been assigned to a problem based learning (PBL) group consisting of 8 members from different parts of the world. I attended one webinar and two of the three group meetings and got to meet most of my team members. I really enjoyed meeting and working with all of them this week. This week our task was to find an appropriate online tool to introduce our group to the ONL community. Working together was definitely challenging as everyone is not available at the same time and that impacts the progress of the group (I guess we will have to find a way around this). Nonetheless, we actually managed to pull off our first task regardless of our crazy schedules and exploring new tools ( While there is definitely room for improvement, i’m looking forward to the rest of this new journey.

Connecting week: Task 1. Introducing PBL group to the ONL community using Prezi (

ONL 192 connecting week