Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Networked Collaborative Learning

I had really liked this topic. I particularly enjoyed and learned about the value of networked collaborative learning through the collaborative project that my group members and I had worked on to produce for the topic. Basically, I feel that this two weeks were when I experienced for the first time real collaborative learning withContinue reading “Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Networked Collaborative Learning”


Topic 1 – Online Participation and Digital Literacies

And so it begins. We got the ball rolling and started discussing about serious issues that learners might face when beginning with online learning. These issues centred on learners’ ability to use different technologies and their access to such technologies. From a teacher’s perspective, being able to use technologies effectively to promote student learning meansContinue reading “Topic 1 – Online Participation and Digital Literacies”

About myself

I am currently an assistant professor of communications and new media at the National University of Singapore. As a teacher of communications and new media, I am always looking for innovative ways to enhance my teaching and student engagement. Here I am embarked on an exciting journey as a student, unpacking my preconceptions and expectationsContinue reading “About myself”