I had really liked this topic. I particularly enjoyed and learned about the value of networked collaborative learning through the collaborative project that my group members and I had worked on to produce for the topic. Basically, I feel that this two weeks were when I experienced for the first time real collaborative learning with peers across the globe. The conceptual discussions we had and the collaborative activities we did had really moved my own thinking about networked collaborative learning forward.

For this topic, all of us engaged both synchronously and asynchronously through an online collaborative work platform, Mural. I discovered how group dynamics and individual responsibilities are essential criteria toward achieving shared goals in collaborative learning structures. Despite all of us in the group possessing the ability to engage and work collaboratively on the platform, it is ultimately the clear explication of learning objectives and work outcomes that binds the group of learners together to eventually create shared, meaningful outcomes. We had deliberated on different types of online collaborative tools before deciding on Mural. I was then made aware of the many wonderful collaborative platforms available on the Internet that I did not knew existed. The possibilities to design collaborative learning projects for students in my classes have expanded, and I was more than eager to implement these tools and platforms to enhance collaborative group learning in my future courses!

Topic 3: Learning in Communities – Networked Collaborative Learning