The Future is Blended

While I like blended learning because the learning environment and tools can be expanded to accommodate different types of learners with different schedules, paces of learning and communication preferences, I personally do not enjoy hybrid classes. Having students simultaneously in the classroom and online in my experience is a sub-optimal situation, as the teacher isContinue reading “The Future is Blended”

Open Minds

I must admit that the talk by Maha Bali opened up several avenues of thought for me concerning open education. Previously my perception of open education was perhaps somewhat naive and oversimplified – to me, it was mainly a matter of cost. Textbooks, case studies, reference books and other teaching materials can be a heavyContinue reading “Open Minds”

Digital Literacy(ies?)

The concept of literacy has become more multi-faceted and complex as technology, pedagogy and social consciousness have progressed. Just being able to read and write in one language is no longer sufficient in today’s society and workplace. Today it’s widely acknowledged that there are multiple literacies and literacies are not necessarily universal, but contextual toContinue reading “Digital Literacy(ies?)”



I am currently interested in the concept of microlearning. We are all strapped for time nowadays, and Zoom fatigue has probably overwhelmed students and educators alike. Asynchronous learning that is short, but still impactful and active, might be a good option for busy people who can’t carve out 2 hours of their day for aContinue reading “Microlearning”