Lessons learnt well for the upcoming plans for online teaching/learning – Topic 5

When I started the ONL201 course, the Covid-19 pandemic was limited to Chine only. As the pandemic spread around the world, businesses, social life and education almost stopped in many countries. People stayed lockdown at homes and sought education online. This made the ONL201 more inevitable and more valuable for all educators. Then, we learntOkumaya devam et “Lessons learnt well for the upcoming plans for online teaching/learning – Topic 5”


Drug synergy and collaborative learning (Topic 3)

What’s drug synergy got to do with collaborative learning? The answer is that they are all about working together for the same purpose. Collaborative work creates synergism (potentiation). Synergism comes from the Greek word “synergos” meaning working together. According to the dictionary (Merriam-Webster) definition of synergism, it is “interaction of discrete agencies (such as industrialOkumaya devam et “Drug synergy and collaborative learning (Topic 3)”


Openness in education

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) revolutionize the concept of higher education. The courses do not have to squeeze the learning environment within the classrooms anymore. The value of a MOOC for student learning depends on how learning processes are facilitated, stimulated and assessed. However, before considering these elements of MOOC, joining an online course shouldOkumaya devam et “Openness in education”