Deep learning as you mentioned is more of a pedagogical aspect including “to learn, to be, and to see”. This is a real meaning of learning when it comes to comprehending the depth of it. However, there is also a deep learning term often used in technical aspects such machine learning methods as image recognition application. The both pedagogical and technical terms are similar in a sense that they are both digging into details to reach out a final but a better output.

Lucia's thoughts while learning @ONL201

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Deep learning, this is what in many discussions with my colleagues we have wished for. That our students would focus more and learn in a deeper way. And we have complained about how superficial they are, especially the generation we now meet in the first year of our programs. In our ONL201 discussions we also touched on such issues: we need students sometimes to actually know what they are talking about, we need precision in how they describe a concept or phenomena, we need them to have understood the main aspects. As we worked with our task in topic 3 in ONL201, I started thinking that we tend to assume that deep is related to something you do individually. You sit with your book, dig into it and read until you got it, to put is simply.

But what is deep learning

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