Edi and Online&Blended Learning

My own experiences. In the last five years, I have started digitizing campus courses and developing new online courses to be exclusively given to industrial professionals. Working in this new setting involves a close interaction with students using digital tools and blended learning. Nowadays, teaching has evolved and teachers are adopting blended learning techniques throughout […]

Designing for the student, is key to succeed

Finally, the topic I have been looking for since the beginning of this course is here, designing an online course. Honestly, I am equally unsure (or even more) on how to approach it as I was with the previous topics. There are many reasons for that and responsibility is one of them. I have been […]


Challenges in Collaborative Learning

I reflected quite a lot on the frustrations of both teachers and students in online collaborative learning. I started by reading quite an interesting paper [1] that outlined some of these issues: Even if some of these issues seem generic enough to be applied to any collaborative learning tasks, I think many of the challenges […]

Yet again, collaborative learning is essential

When I reflect on my communities and the impact of them in my professional development and learning in general, I realize that I do not follow a lot of people (I am not really active) on social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. However, by doing so I never thought I was lacking […]

Collaborative learning topic 3

I have worked as a teacher for over 20 years and I have as long worked on getting students collaborating. During the first 17 years it was collaboration in class but since 2020 it has been much more online focused. Online has not been a major learning platform for my university before the pandemic and […]

Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies

Who in the teaching community has not heard of the theory of “digital natives” and “digital immigrants”, as proposed by Marc Prensky (2001)? Personally, I must admit that I had not read the original essay by Prensky. I had come into contact with Prensky’s concepts, however, especially that of digital natives, as his ideas had … Continue reading Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies