Navigating the Complexities of Assessment in Collaborative Learning

The scenario in topic 3 brings into sharp focus a key challenge of collaborative learning: how can we design assessment practices that align with collaborative goals while also ensuring individual accountability? Traditional assessment models, with their emphasis on individual accomplishment, often clash with the shared learning aims of collaboration. This can make students worry about […]

Topic 3: The Beauty and Challenge of Collaborative Learning and Assessment

Collaborative learning in the forms of think-pair-share, group discussions and longer-term projects have been introduced across different levels of learning, including the higher education (Jin 2012; Flores et al. 2015). In teaching professional and business communication courses, teamwork and collaboration are incorporated in my courses as a way to simulate interaction within workplace work teams. […]

Topic 2: The Implications of Openness

These two weeks of ONL journey brought me through an impactful, challenging and encouraging ride on open education practices in the time of generative AI use. It was impactful to dialogue with my PBL group and the larger community of educators connected through Dr Maha Bali’s talk, who shared our honest concerns and struggles with […]


Technology “came” to me

Topic 1: Online participation and digital literacies reflection My most memorable interaction with technology was in primary school. We learnt how to switch on a computer, wiggle the mouse and right click. I was not particularly enthused as lessons were a prerequisite until a friend of mine started showing off her fast typing skills. My […]


The Evolving Scholar: A Digital Presence in Academia

In this reflective post, I delve into the evolving landscape of digital literacies in academia, particularly focusing on the development of professional personas and the challenges and opportunities they present in online participation. Drawing from course literature and relevant sources, I explore how educators and learners can navigate this digital continuum to establish and maintain […]


Topic 1: Infographic Poster

It takes a while for me to WANT to design when there is so much information worth exploring. Topic one had us look at what I would term as “digital literacy personal barriers to entry”. Its never easy to learn a new program. As educators it is more challenging to learn new technology in an […]

Topic 1: Reflection of an Uneasy Resident on Digital Literacies

David White’s metaphors on residents and visitors on digital use frames the perspectives on digital engagement very nicely on the video, Visitors and Residents (White, 2014). In Part 2 (White, 2014), White discusses the tension of evaluating credibility between sources available online and traditional academic sources. Interestingly, many legitimate sources in the forms of journals, […]

Where the wind blows – Connection week

The first week on ONL241 encompassed us introducing ourselves numerous times and being in sheer awe of what educators, creators, experiment-ors, researchers and one airport engineer passionately showing us a Singaporean airport. Mind blowing stuff I tell you! With a slight existential limp, I trudge heavy footed along. As part of PBL241 group 2, we […]