Topic 3 (ONL192): Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

The topic In this topic ‘Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning’, our PBL group were interested in the term ‘connectivism’. I particularly enjoyed reading the original article on this by George Siemens from 2005. There were so many aspects included in the founding of this –ism that I found fascinating. First, he comments on … Continue reading Topic 3 (ONL192): Learning in communities – networked collaborative learning

This got me thinking……

When thinking back on my years in different levels of education there’s always been an obvious preconception from teachers that everyone knows how to collaborate to solve a group task. Later as a teacher, I too took this for granted, never giving it much thought. The result, both in my own education and amongst my […]

Welcome to topic 4 – Design for online and blended learning

We hope that you all at this point of time in the course feel quite well-settled with the ONL learning environment and that you have found a good structure for your studies and PBL group work. It seems that the previous topic on Learning in communities was inspiring and engaged you in good discussions and […]


Diversity and Motivation in Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is an integral part of university teachers’ work, but also one of the 21st century working life skills that we are trying to teach our students. However, as we all know some learning communities work better than others. While this topic was really interesting and there would be so much to say, I […]

Four open practices of OER use into curriculum

Topic 2 – To MOOC or not to MOOC

Integrating MOOCS in traditionally taught courses The first acquaintance I had with open and online educational resources (OER) dates back years ago in the form of a MOOC. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses (Bralic & Divjak, 2018). MOOCs are online courses open to all who have access to an internet connection and are […]

Where, how, what, and with whom will you learn today?

Dear Reader, Our third topic on our ONL-course was Learning in Communities – networked collaborative learning. In other words, this topic is also the embodiment of our work in action during this course. While investigating this topic, I have thus also spent a lot of time navel-gazing and trying to observe our working methods fromContinue reading “Where, how, what, and with whom will you learn today?”