I found very interesting that we have a research and reflect about some of the questions…

The results didn’t surprised me and as an integrator (B1), I was stimulated to reach a new level during the weeks with ONL team!

You experiment with digital technologies in a variety of contexts and for a range of purposes, integrating them into many of your practices. You creatively use them to enhance diverse aspects of your professional engagement. You are eager to expand your repertoire of practices. You will benefit by increasing your understanding about which tools work best in which situations and on fitting digital technologies to pedagogic strategies and
methods. Try to give yourself some more time for reflection and adaptation,
complemented by collaborative encouragement and knowledge exchange, to
reach the next step, Expert (B2)”.

I present myself in Open learner space, ONL 202 community and in my PBL7 group, but we don’t have a really interactive week so far.

As I had some connection problems, I cannot join the first meetings and I was really happy to notice that my colleagues are worried about my time zone and my crazy option to join a group that prefer morning meets… but I thought I will be better, so I don’t need to change my “normal” schedule.

My group has people from different parts of the world and that seems to be great!

Connecting week