One week ago life was running almost as usual here in Luleå, international travel was not recommended bit teaching was performed as usual. Then it quickly changed.

  • March the 12:th, restrictions on travel. US closed borders on travel.
  • March 17:th change to distance education (planned exams will be performed on distance), the next semester is moved 1 one week to enable the planning of distance education and distance examination.
In my case, we had a dissertation the 17:th (with grading committee from three universities in Sweden and the opponent from US. I write about that in a separate post. Also, we had oral exams planned the following week. So a big change for the university and me.
The idea with this blog was to use it to reflect over the course Networked Learning, but I have decided to use it also to document and discuss how I have changed into distance mode in my courses. 
So this spring will be an interesting experience.
The Canvas Corona meme…
Corona and the quick change in higher education